Mount Point: /service/local/data_cache/{domain}/{target}/content


Retrieve the contents of the Not Found Cache at the specified domain (repository or group). Note that appended to the end of the url should be the path that you want cache cleared from. i.e. /content/org/blah will clear cache of everything under the org/blah directory.


name description type default
domain The domain that will be used, valid options are 'repositories' or 'repo_groups' (Required). path
target The unique id in the domain to use (i.e. repository or group id) (Required). path

Response Body

element: nfc-info
media types: application/xml

(no documentation provided)


Expire the cache of the selected domain (repository or group). This includes expiring the cache of items in a proxy repository so the remote will be rechecked on next access, along with clearning the Not Found Cache.


name description type default
domain (no documentation provided) path
target (no documentation provided) path